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Contact CPL today to set up a meeting with any doggie!

Como Pet Lodge has several dogs in our pack that are in need of loving homes.

We partner with Pima County and Pinal County animal centers to foster

and rehabilitate dogs in need with the hopes of placing them with

families that will continue to love and care for them.

As a part of our promise to care for all of our fosters through their lifetime,

we offer free boarding for life to any pet adopted through us,

with half off boarding prices for any potential sibling-pups!


MANTIS- Available

Mantis is our sweet and spunky chihuahua/lab mix. She has got lots of fun playful energy, she loves the water and she loves to run! Mantis carries her upbeat energy through the whole yard. We welcome you to come down and see her shine!


GROOT -Available

If your'e looking for an active, stunning, and quirky buddy, Groot is your guy! Groot loves to play with his people, he is a pretty hyper guy but being just over a year old, he's still got some puppy in him! We are working on getting him leash trained and his basic commands. If Groot interest you , come down and spend some time with him and his sister!



Just like his cousin Bruha, Berenstein and his sister Mau are also what fluffy dreams are made of. We are diligently working with Berenstein on his human socialization and his containment issues. He loves other dogs, loves to play, he really loves pets and scratchies once he trust you. We welcome you to come hang out with Berenstein today! 



Enzo is a very loyal, little, but mighty guy. He is best friends with our pitbull hound mix, Brennan. He still takes a minute to warm up to new people but once he opens up, there's nothing brighter than his personality. He is learning to walk good on a leash and is getting better with receiving attention. He has so far come a very long way. Please come down and hang out with Enzo today! 



Buddy is perhaps the most fitting name you could give this guy as he would make the best friend to one lucky family. He is the MOST affectionate, loving, enthusiastic, most cuddly dog anyone could ever ask for. He's looking for a family, preferably single dog household where he can be loved and cared for as he would do the same for anyone. Please come spend some time with Buddy today!

Molly Website.heic


Who runs the world? GIRLS! Molly is most definitely runs our CPL world... this tom boy is a firecracker when her personality comes out. As fast as she strides across the yard, she'll steal your heart, although it'll take a little bit for her to let you steal her heart. Molly found a perfect home with a white pittie BFF! She settled right in and is happy as ever. Congratulations Molly! 

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Max website photo.jpeg


This sweet boy is what fluffy dreams are made of. You would never know the matted and scared dog that hid in the corner of his cage when he first arrived would become such a playful, trusting, free spirit. Bruha, now Maxx, found the best forever home. He gets to snuggle in bed all day and do what he does best, look absolutely adorable. Yay Maxx!



Broken parts don't mean broken hearts! Keaton is missing his left hind leg, but you would never know it if he sees a rabbit! Here at pack we call Keaton, Grandpa Keaton, and unlike some of the drivers in Oro Valley during snowbird season, Keaton is very fast! He keeps everyone in the pack on their best behavior! Keaton found a loving home with a sweet husky to be his pal. He is so happy in his furever home. 



Scoop is 6 years old and has the most wise soul you'll ever meet. His affectionate personality makes for the most perfect companion- he loves cuddling and one on one walks. He is undoubtedly our most adoptable dog, Scoop's biggest wish is to find a home where he can be loved, snuggled, and give all the kisses, and his wish came true! Scoop now lives with some cats and has a little human to be his best friend! It was love at first sight! 

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Khal came from a rocky start. Clearly a victim of abuse, when Khal first arrived, he had no interest in human connection. In a short couple of months, we've seen a huge transformation in his personality and temperament. Khal found the best home all the way in New Mexico! He now collects bones in the yard and spends his days laying inside or in the sun.



Mau and Berenstien are litter mates. They have been together since day one and Mau is not about to let anyone forget it... She loves her brother very much, even when he steals her food! Mau got adopted by a worker here at CPL she is actually now a full time therapy dog! They have made great progress with being bale to handle her, she actually enjoys it now! Come meet her and see her progress anytime! 

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Baton website .heic


This Shepard mix embodies everything you know and love about German Shepards. Loving, loyal, playful and spunky. Miss Baton, Now Maddie, has found a sweet, calm, and patient couple who have been able to meet all her needs beautifully. We are so happy for you and your new family Maddie!



This sweet girl and her soulful eyes are sure to steal anyones heart. With an incredibly loyal and affectionate personality, Faith looks for the fun in everything. Now known as Phoebe, has found her forever home with a loving and energetic family. Phoebe blended right in immediately, we are happy for you Phoebe! 

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